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New Red vs Blue: Favorites MEME by zhadethedark New Red vs Blue: Favorites MEME :iconzhadethedark:zhadethedark 1 1 OH MY GOSH THEY KILLED SMURFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by zhadethedark OH MY GOSH THEY KILLED SMURFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconzhadethedark:zhadethedark 4 6
Star Wars OCs- Darth Nox
Name- Xander Kallig
Tiltes- Darth Nox, Darth Imperius, or Darth Occulus
Eye Color- Colbalt, Red (dark side)
Hair Color- Brown
Skin Color- Light
Gender- Male
Species- Human (Cyborg)
Age- 28
Class- Sith Inquisitor, Assassin
Era- Old Republic era
Known masters-
Darth Zash
Known apprentices-
Ashara Zavros
Sith Order
Sith Empire
Dark Council
Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge
Lightsabers- Kallig's scorching lightsaber and two lightsabers that can connect to create a double-bladed lightsaber
Ship- The Fury
Personality and traits-
Manipulative, cunning and ambitious, Darth Nox used treachery to break both allies and enemies, delving deep into experimenting with long forbidden powers in order increase influence and seize authority. A sadist, Darth Nox took great plesure in the suffering of others and would often torture minions and opponents for simple amusement. The Sith Lord electrocuted Ashara Zavros until she agreed to become his apprentice, and killed a minion for
:iconzhadethedark:zhadethedark 0 19
Star Wars OCs- Revan Merak
Name- Revan Merak
Titles- Darth Revan
Eye Color- Brown, Red(dark side)
Hair Color- Brown
Skin Color- Fair
Gender- Male
Species- Human
Age- Unknown
Appearance- Looks like Jensen Ackles.
Era- Old Republic era
Rise of the Empire era
Known masters-
Kreia (Jedi Master)
Zhar Lestin (Jedi Master)
Dorak (Jedi Master)
Arren Kae (Jedi Master)
Sith Emperor (Sith Master)
Yuthura Ban (temporary Sith trainer)
Known apprentices-
Meetra Surik (Informal apprentice)
Darth Malak (Sith apprentice)
Jedi Order
Galactic Republic
Republic Navy/Military
Resurgent Sith Empire
Revan's Sith Empire
Weapons- a bunch of Lightsabers and lots of different blasters
Ships- Ebon Hawk and The Vindicator.
Powers and abilities- Revan was the most powerful Jedi of his time, and proved his mettle during difficult and challenging scenarios. He defeated several powerful and dangerous adversaries in single combat, including Mandalore the Ultimate, Yusanis, Calo Nord, Darth Bandon, Darth Malak, and Darth
:iconzhadethedark:zhadethedark 2 20
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United States
What's up everyone?! I'm just a simple guy who likes to draw/write a few things and show them to people.

Age: 16

Favorite Anime: Bleach, D Grey Man, Code Geass, and Birdy the Might.

Favorite Movies: A-Team movie, Iron Man 1&2, Star Wars saga, Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, and several more.

Favorite show: Red vs. Blue Series.

Favorite games: Halo saga, Batman Arkham series, Assassin Creed games.

Other online accounts: My Xbox Live account is OmegaFilms48, just in case you wanna play me in Halo. And my RoosterTeeth account: OmegaFilms48

Religion: I am a Christian and proud of it!!!!!!

Favourite genre of music: country and rock
Favourite photographer: myself
Favourite style of art: drawing
MP3 player of choice: my phone
Favourite cartoon character: Caboose
Personal Quote: Making the Impossible, Possible!
  • Listening to: We The Kings: Say You Like Me
  • Reading: Star Wars Jedi Quest: The Trail of the Jedi
  • Watching: Star Wars The Clone Wars
  • Playing: Wish I was playing TOR
  • Eating: peanut butter MnM's
  • Drinking: Coke Zero
**How to do it.
***MAKE IT IN A JOURNAL, then copy and paste the link in the comment you post below, so people can see it and go to take a look.

1. Select 1 to 4 of your OCs. (They don't need to be the same ones as you in the first one, its up to you)
2. Make your OCs answer these questions.
3. Please DO NOT submit the work to the galleries; it will be removed if this is done.
4. Please only put Round 5's here, you can put Round 1's here [link] , Round 2's here [link] , Round 3's here [link] , and Round 4's [link]

Here's Round 5

The characters i wish to interview this time will be Dean Merak (My Male Revan), Meetra Surik (My Female Exile), Xander Kallig (My Male Sith Inquisitor)

1. Do you belong to some sort of unit, team, gang, etc? If so what is its name?
Dean: nope.
Meetra: nope.
Xander: I am apart of an elite team called the Emperor's Fist.
2. Who are you? (What do you see yourself as?)
Dean: a redeemed jedi who tries to save others but in the end gets them killed.
Meetra: A freak who doesn't belong.
Xander: A powerful Sith Inquisitor that will the galaxy! :evillaugh:
3. What do you fight for?
Dean: My friends.
Meetra: for the republic!
Xander: Revenge.
4. Have you ever committed a crime? (and gotten away with it)
Dean: does betraying the jedi order and the republic count?
Meetra: nope.
Xander: Mass murder.
5. Do you have a collection of anything?
Dean: lightsaber crystals  
Meetra: lightsabers and lightsaber crystals
Xander: Force Ghosts.
6. When have you broken the rules?
Dean: yes.
Meetra: no.
Xander: yes.
7. Do you watch the holonet (TV) if so, what do you watch?
Dean: no.
Meetra: no.
Xander: Yes, I watch the toture channel (it's like the food chanel ^^;) and the news, to see what kind of damage i have done.
8. What is your first thought before you go to bed?
Dean: finally some rest.
Meetra: If i'm lucky no one will need me.
Xander: Did I leave the toture machines on with that guy still on it?
9. What's your favorite sidearm?
Dean: a blaster.
Meetra: a blaster.
Xander: My double bladed ligthsaber.
10. What's your preferred mode of transportation?
Dean: The Ebon Hawk.
Meetra: The Ebon Hawk.
Xander: for space the Fury and for land a speeder.
11. What's one the most incredible things you've ever seen?
Dean: The heart of the force.
Meetra: basically the same as Dean.
Xander: the hyperspace portal that the Dread Masters opened.


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